Anna Kournikova Hitched With Iglesias?

There are many tennis players who continue to be in the limelight not simply because of their playing talent but for their glamor as well.

Anna Kournikova is one such name for several reasons. Recently there have been talks of her rumored marriage with Enrique Iglesias. The rumors are up again as there was a family snap posted on Instagram. This might have been a few months back, but that is still in the news circuits. She has been secretive about the status of her relationship while her career has been on. Today Anna Kournikova has moved on from her tennis playing career at the age of 34. However, she is not forthcoming as much about her relationship still. There was a snap that appeared a few months back of her with her half brother Allan. She was found to be with a large diamond ring in her hands. The snaps have excited rumors about her relationship with Iglesias. The latter is in his forties and it has been reported that both have been in a relationship on and off since the year 2001.

The rock on her fingers has certainly gotten the gossip circles moving. While her half brother being embraced by her was nothing unusual, what was unusual was the ring that she was flaunting on her finger. The ring is evidence that she is engaged or married to Iglesias. The ring comprises of a solitaire along with baguettes and an eternity band studded with diamonds. The ring has also been seen on her fingers in the past. Many states that the two had a date night a few months back. Anna was found to be in pictures posted on Instagram where her half brother was holding a trophy as he is a prodigy in golf.

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