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American hopeful at the US Open CiCiBellis failed to see through expectations in New York as she lost in the first round.

It is her first appearance at the event but many Americans wanted to see her advance to a certain stage at least.

The 18-year old Next Gen star has been making the waves since 2014 when she became the youngest player to win a game at the Open since Anna Kournikova. The Russian former pro tennis star did hers back in 1996, even though many would remember her for her hot figure and modelling.

Bellis started the match well, blowing the third set from 5-3 to lose 3-6, 6-4, 5-7. She was a bit off as she lost the first set. However, with time she showed a glimmer of brilliance she is known for, winning 6-4. The crowd was excited at the charge turnaround and wanted to see more. Her teen fan club were surely behind her aside the teeming home fans. Read more »


Anna Kournikova was making the raves years back after bursting on to the scenes in 1998.

She was touted to be the next big star in tennis but she never quite match expectations. Unlike Serena Williams who remains very relevant until date, Kournikova has since fizzled out.

She was a teenager when she broke into the upper echelon of female tennis. At the turn of the new millennium she turned 18, reaching the eighth spot in the WTA rankings. From the tender age of 14-15, she was already established as a star. She represented Russia at the Fed Cup and she reached the last four in Wimbledon 1997. It was eventually her best display at a Grand Slam event before she ‘ghosted’ due to fitness concern. Read more »


Anna Kournikova was forced to retire from her professional tennis career in May 2007 at the age of 25 after serious spinal and back problems, including a herniated disk made it impossible for her to continue playing.

2007 till 2017 makes it 1o years since she retired from the sport, May to be precise. Yet it seems like just yesterday that she was finding it hard to win singles titles yet still capturing the imagination of the tennis world due to her beauty.

Unfortunately, since 2004, the Russian has not played in the WTA and even though she is widely celebrated in the tennis world, she never won a singles title. The closest she came to winning one was in 1997 when she reached the Wimbledon Semifinals.

Since the days of Kournikova, women’s tennis has been reduced to a race to be Vanna White with a racket. In recent times, a female tennis player’s worth is now tied to how many products she can push and no longer how well she can play. Read more »

Maria Sharapova, has expressed her frustration over the timings of the Fed Cup matches

Anna Kournikova’s countrywoman, Maria Sharapova, has expressed her frustration over the timings of the Fed Cup matches.

According to Sharapova, the Fed Cup matches should not take place straight after the completion of the Slams because that makes it very tough for the players.

Sharapova was actually a part of the Russian squad that had featured in the tie versus Poland earlier this year, but, she then withdrew herself from the next tie because of injury issues.

According to the rules of the World Tennis Association, the female players need to play in the Fed Cup thrice or more if they have to fulfil the criteria for the Olympics qualification.

Speaking about the scheduling of the Fed Cup games in an interview, Sharapova said, “The people who are preparing the schedule must take into account the physical efforts that the players have to put in to reach the back end of the Slams. For them to come out of that and go straight in the Fed Cup, it’s really tough.”

“It’s a great competition and I love taking part in it, but, the scheduling makes it a hassle.”

“If it had been a little better scheduled and maybe there’s a year gap in between, it would have proved to be quite a successful.”

Sharapova has to play against the Australian player Samantha Stosur at Roland Garros tomorrow. Read more »

Maria Sharapova is not someone who panics

Anna Kournikova’s compatriot, Maria Sharapova, is not someone who panics that much after her defeats. She rarely admits that she has lost her form even if that is the case.

Most of the times she would say it’s just a bad day and that’s the way it goes sometimes.

The current circumstances are no different. Sharapova has had some pretty poor outings on the court, but, she is not showing any signs of panic.

But, is she really cool inside too? Does she think everything is alright with her game?

It’s not rocket science to see that Sharapova has suffered a dip in her game. But, isn’t she too egoistic a player to address it and start working on it?

She is in the best position to know what’s wrong. It’s being supposed that she is maybe carrying some sort of niggle.

If it is true, then getting knocked out of Miami at the earlier stages can actually prove to be blessing in disguise as it would give her extra time to rest.

Because of the performances that Sharapova has put up recently, she has reached a stage where her no. 2 Status in the world is in danger now. Read more »

Andy Murray fantastic form continues

Andy Murray is in fantastic form at the moment and there is a great chance of him being able to clinch the Australian Open for the first time ever.

Australian Open is one of the two Grand Slams missing from Murray’s CV, but, with the kind of preparation he has come with this time around, he should make a strong case for himself in the tournament.

The Scot already has a title to his name this season. He won the tournament on the Emirates turf after his opponent in the final, Novak Djokovic, withdrew himself due to sickness.

Djokovic was surely a higher ranked player than Murray there, but, if that game had taken place, it would have gone real close.

Murray had been playing some fantastic tennis before the final and he could well have managed to topple Djokovic in that sort of rhythm

Murray has really flourished in the last few months. The latter half of the last season was brilliant for him.

Under Amelie Mauresmo, his coach, he has started to know his game better than before and has started playing on his strengths now.

Murray seems to be getting quite better temperamentally as well.

Murray has reached Australia a few days before the Australian Open. He would first participate in the Hopman Cup.

That’s good for the 26-year old. The summer is in full swing in Australia at this time of the year and for somebody who is coming from a cold country like Scotland; it would take a bit of time to get acclimatized.

Murray, himself, admitted that coming to Australia early would help him.

Speaking to the reporters yesterday, the World no. 6 said, “These are unfamiliar conditions for me surely. I am not used to such hot weather. But, as days go by, I would adapt myself.”