Anna Kournikova Post-Baby Body Revealed – A Month After Twins’ Birth

After giving birth to twins now Anna Kournikova has been seen working hard in the gym!

The new mother of twins, who is also 36 years old now, has shared a video of her workout on Instagram. She shared the video on Monday. In the video she is showing off her extension stretches and have captioned the footage “#monday #backatit,” with a flexed bicep emoji. The tennis professional and her longtime partner Enrique Iglesias have been together with her for over a decade and a half, has now welcomed the twins, who is a boy and a girl in December in Miami. The babies are names as named Nicholas and Lucy.

Both babies are the first children of Iglesias and Kournikova. In the month of January, the proud couple shared adorable first photos of their twins holding them in their arms. The clip of Kournikova comes after a week
According to sources, the couple Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias Kept their pregnancy secret and to do that they stayed ‘Very Undercover’, during the whole pregnancy period. Therefore, now when they posted the pictures of babies on Instagram, it was appreciated and congratulated by many. The workout clip of Kournikova is also surprising for many as she has not revealed her pregnancy look any time before that.

And it is not like only the pair is happy with the babies, but the mother of Iglesias’, Isabel Preysler is also gushing about her bond with grandchildren and their father. She said, “Enrique is extraordinarily happy.”

About the low-key pregnancy of Kournikova, Preysler recalled and said “Her pregnancy was a perfectly normal one and she didn’t have to do the compulsory bed rest at any time, during the whole period. Anna hasn’t had to hide, during the time she had a homey and very simple life.”