Ever though she retired back in 2007, the former professional tennis star Anna Kournikova had not competed from 2003.

The retiree had earned a much-deserved name for herself in the history of female athletes. To this day, she remains one of the most popular and frequently Googled athletes of all time.

Made more popular by her beautiful physique and her stunning beauty than for her prowess on the court, the former player had engaged in several endeavors even during her time as an active player on the court. Since her retirement, Kournikova has participated in several charity events and fundraisers, appeared as a guest on a popular television series, and has modeled.

Currently a citizen of America, the former player born in Russia made remarkable progress on the court as soon as she picked up her racket. At a tender age of ten, kournikova had moved to Bradenton, FL., to enable her train with nick Bollettieri at the tennis academy.

Since inception, Kournikova has shown herself to be a tennis prodigy. When she was just 14, she had been the youngest player to bag the 18 and under orange bowl, one of the most highly ranked junior tennis tournaments in the world and had been awarded the junior world champion of the ITF at the end of the year.

Her rapid rise to success from a young age was not dampened as she proceeded to the big leagues. Kournikova had established a spot for herself soon after turning pro in 1995. She made her debut at the grand slam just a year later and made it to the fourth round of the US open tournament. Soon after that, the female star was ranked in the top 50 players, and attained her highest ranking in the history of singes as number 8 in 2000. After her retirement, she began dating Spanish star Enrique Iglesias and has managed to keep most of her personal life out of the media.