Anna Kournikova’s countrywoman, Maria Sharapova, has said that there is nothing wrong between her and Serena Williams.

While being in England for the Wimbledon Championships earlier this year, Serena had made a controversial statement about Sharapova’s personal life.

That statement of Serena had not pleased Sharapova at all and the Russian superstar had expressed her unhappiness in a press conference. She had said that Serena should be worrying about her own life rather than making statements about somebody else’s life.

But, in one of her recent interviews, Sharapova has made it clear that both the players have put that incident behind them.

Sharapova said, “I haven’t talked a lot to Serena about that incident, but, there is no heart feeling between the two of us. We have left that incident behind.”

Although, Sharapova and Serena are not the best of friends but Sharapova hailed the American legend for the way she has performed on the tennis court over the years.

Mentioning Serena’s achievements in the game, Sharapova said, “Serena is one of the greats of the game. The kind of tennis that she has played over the years is fantastic. She has already won 17 Grand Slams and she is still going strong even at the age of 32. That’s incredible.”

Sharapova has been out of action since quite a while because of her shoulder injury. This is the second time in her career that she has picked up a major shoulder injury. She is expected to make her comeback in the first half of the next season.

Recently on her Facebook page, Sharapova requested her fans to come and support her in the BNP Paribas Open next year. The Russian superstar will be defending her crown in that tournament which takes place at Indian Wells, California.

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