Enrique Iglesias Talks Relationship

The Spanish singer and Anna Kournikova’s boyfriend Enrique Iglesias doesn’t think that something like perfect relationship exists. He reckons that difficult times come in every relationship and the couple involved just needs to get through those times.

Enrique was answering the questions in one of his interviews recently. When he was asked what the main reason is behind the smooth running of his relationship with Kournikova for more than a decade, he said, “I don’t think there is any specific reason. It’s just that we have not let the difficult times ruin our relationship. We have tried to get through such periods and I would suggest every couple to do the same. Because when the happy times come, you would enjoy them to the fullest.”

When asked why Kournikova has been her girl friend over such a long period of time, the 39 years old who is also a songwriter said, “I don’t find a cooler girl than her in the whole world. She laughs on my stupid jokes, she really understands me very well. She is always ready to let me concentrate on my work rather than force me to spend time with her and that’s something that I really like about her.”

When asked about his qualities which prompted Kournikova to fall in love with him, Enrique said, “I have no idea to be honest with you. It’s not that I am hugely romantic, that’s not the case. It’s only my songs which have romance in them. That’s it. So, I guess you will have to ask her why she loves me this much.”

Kournikova and Iglesias had met each other for the first time in 2001 when the former was an active professional tennis player. They have been a couple since that time.

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