Kournikova is one of a kind

Anna Kournikova was notorious for the flaunting of her body and became the pin-up girl of tennis. Fortunately for Anna her inconsistent talent in the playing sense was more than made up for in other areas.  In fact despite her fame in the tennis world, the 30 year old failed to win a single Women’s tennis association tournament throughout her entire career, perhaps highlighting how strange it was that she became one of the most famous female tennis players of all time.

She has made millions from her good. looks The Russian Tennis pro was the most searched athlete on the Internet through 2008 even though she had retired from the professional tennis circuit years earlier. After slipping from first to sixth among athletes in 2009, she moved back up to third place among athletes in terms of search popularity in 2010. She was voted number twenty nine in Mens Health ‘Hottest women of all time’ in 2011.

He highlight of her career came in 1997 when she lost in the semi- finals of Wimbledon to eventual winner Matrina Hingis, becoming only the second women in the open era to rich this stage on her debut in the tournament. The former world number eight has perhaps set the mould for a number of tennis stars who also have good looks. Many compare the rise of Maria Sharapova to the success of Kornikova as her good looks as well as tennis ability has made her the most highly paid female athlete in the world. A title that Kornikova previously held and with much less on court success than Sharapova has had. Despite this Sharapova will be remembered for her tennis, whereas Anna Kornikova will be better known for her exploits off the court.

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