Maria Sharapova is not someone who panics

Anna Kournikova’s compatriot, Maria Sharapova, is not someone who panics that much after her defeats. She rarely admits that she has lost her form even if that is the case.

Most of the times she would say it’s just a bad day and that’s the way it goes sometimes.

The current circumstances are no different. Sharapova has had some pretty poor outings on the court, but, she is not showing any signs of panic.

But, is she really cool inside too? Does she think everything is alright with her game?

It’s not rocket science to see that Sharapova has suffered a dip in her game. But, isn’t she too egoistic a player to address it and start working on it?

She is in the best position to know what’s wrong. It’s being supposed that she is maybe carrying some sort of niggle.

If it is true, then getting knocked out of Miami at the earlier stages can actually prove to be blessing in disguise as it would give her extra time to rest.

Because of the performances that Sharapova has put up recently, she has reached a stage where her no. 2 Status in the world is in danger now.

She is not that far away from slipping to the third position and if that happens, she would have to face Serena Williams in the Round of 4 in the big tournaments which she would not ideally want.

Everyone knows how tough it has been for Sharapova to counter Serena throughout her career.

It’s still hard to say that Sharapova is not a player to watch out for at Clay this season, but, the alarm bells are certainly starting to ring for the Russian. She would not be able to save her current ranking if she has another slip up in near future.

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