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Anna Kournikova’s compatriot, Maria Sharapova, has said that she wants to work in a Hollywood film and she hoped to get this opportunity after announcing her retirement from professional tennis. Sharapova is currently in New Delhi. She has visited Delhi as the brand ambassador of an estate organization based in Britain. This is Sharapova’s first visit to India. Talking to the reporters after arriving Delhi, Sharapova said, “I had heard that India is a wonderful country and I had a desire to come here since a long time, but, because of my busy schedule, I never got time to visit this place. But, I am delighted that eventually, I managed to come here.”

“I had also heard that there are quite a lot of Indian people who are my fans and I guess that’s right because I have got a very warm reception here. I am looking forward to my stay here. Christmas is not too far away and I need some gifts for my friends. So, I would have to visit the malls here as well.”

When asked what she would like to do after quitting tennis, Sharapova said, “I am still quite young and if everything goes all right, I would keep playing tennis for the next 8-9 years and you cannot plan what you are going to do after 8-9 years. I am fully committed to tennis at the moment and I don’t have enough time to think about my post retirement plans. But, since childhood, I have a desire to work in a Hollywood movie. So, I guess if I get a chance, I would like to work as an actress in a Hollywood movie.”

“But, it’s not easy to act in a film. You must have a bit of acting skills and I am not sure I possess those skills. But, I hope that I would get that opportunity at some point of time in my life.”