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Former Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova has sold off her home at Miami Beach, on the Sunset Island Property and has pocketed a cool $ 7.4 million for it.

Kournikova, who has been dating pop star Enrique Iglesias for almost the last 10 years now are constructing a new grand home for them to move in with gossip columns reporting that a wedding is imminent and that Kournikova might be pregnant with their first child as well. The former tennis ace, who is still one of the most searched personalities on the internet in spite of having retired from the game almost five years back now is believed to be planning a grand wedding for the two for later in 2012.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias paid a sum of $ 5 million for the Miami Beach front property a few years back and although in the initial situation, Kournikova was holding out for $ 9.4 million for the property, she eventually agreed to sell it for $ 7.4 million. According to reports, an unidentified buyer, who has been listed as living in South America, has bought the property.

However, contrary reports that have emerged state that popular rock band Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler was the one who bought the beach house. The seven bedroom Spanish style villa has an ocean view in the front, a boat dock, a private beach, an entertaining area as well as a two storey guest house. The new property that the couple is building is only a few miles away from their property and so, they will not miss the property as much either.

Although Anna Kournikova hasn’t announced any plans for a wedding or like that, it is being believed that the two will tie the knot later this year when construction gets over.